Group of students discussing Data Visualization.

Data Visualization

Group of students in an active learning environment.

Students in this cohort of The Data Mine will learn the essentials of data visualization, which is a key component of data science and a common thread across majors and disciplines. Students will work with a number of data visualization tools as they learn to choose the right visual representation of data based on the type of data. Guest speakers and field trips to different departments with data visualization needs are key components of this cohort. Students will gain hands-on experience in transforming data into insight, creating a natural platform to apply critical thinking to their data mining knowledge. Research projects will include projects in data science, data visualization, machine learning, databases, big data and virtual/augmented reality.

New Incoming students should apply for fall 2023 using the Purdue Learning Communities main application link.

Current Purdue students are able to apply for The Data Mine Data Visualization Learning Community for 2023-24 from October 1, 2022 until March 31, 2023.


Any returning undergraduate student with an interest in the Data Sciences. New incoming students should consider the Corporate Partners or General cohorts.

Residential Component

  • Returning Purdue Students: Data Mine housing for returning undergraduates has reached capacity for AY 2023-24.
  • Your roommate (in most cases) will be a member of The Data Mine.
  • If you want to live on campus, it is necessary to complete a housing contract. (Completing a housing contract is a separate process from applying for a learning community.)


Fall and Spring semesters

Required classes for students who have not yet taken CGT 27000

The information below is subject to change.

  • CGT 27000 (3 credits, CRN 15345 section LC3 lecture; and 0 credits, CRN 15346 section LC4 lab) Introduction to Data Visualization
  • CGT 27001 (1 credit, CRN 26256) Topics In Visualization
  • TDM 10100, 20100, 30100, 40100 (1 credit; 4 sections available) The Data Mine I, III, V, or VII
  • CGT 27500 (3 credits) Data Visualization II (CRN 27629 lecture; CRN 27630 lab)
  • TDM 10200, 20200, 30200, 40200 (1 credit; 4 sections available) The Data Mine II, IV, VI, or VIII

Events and Activities Included

  • Weekly dinners with Data Mine participants
  • Faculty and graduate student office hours onsite in Hillenbrand
  • Seminars by visiting speakers, including practicing data scientists
  • Social gatherings with Data Mine members
  • Meals with campus and community leaders
  • Game / recreation nights
  • Career and graduate school panels
  • Hackathons / data competitions
  • Professional development activities
  • Tour of Purdue's computational facilities