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Corporate Partners

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(fall 2021 and spring 2022; 3 credits per semester, plus 1 credit training seminar per semester)

Summary of the Corporate Partners experience:

Do you want to work in industry after graduate school? Are you excited about data-driven areas of industry? Do you want to learn some new tools and have a great networking relationship in industry?

A new, unique, and exciting opportunity: Apply to take The Data Mine "Data Science in Industry I and II" (3 credits per semester) in fall 2021 - spring 2022. We have data-driven projects with 23 Corporate Partners, in areas including animal science, business analytics, consumer science, databases, digital agriculture, drug development, gaming, IoT, manufacturing, predictive modeling, RFID, supply chain, transportation, etc. The graduate students will work directly on data-driven projects, guided by industry mentors. Each graduate student will work with a team of undergraduate and graduate students. In many cases, a faculty mentor will be involved as well. Full descriptions of some of the projects were sent to all graduate students by email, and more will be added this spring and summer. The companies include:

84.51°, Bayer Crop Science, Beck's Hybrids, CAT Digital, Cummins, Delta Faucet, Elanco, Ford, Jobvite, John Deere, Kraft Heinz, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, Merck, Microsoft Minecraft, MITRE, Purdue Athletics, Purdue Research Foundation, Rolls-Royce, Sandia National Laboratories, TMap, UPS, Viasat, WHIN initiative (and more to come!)

Who is eligible: *All graduate students* in all departments and colleges who have some expertise in their domain and who want to either apply or learn some data-driven approaches in their areas of study. Many of these experiences are limited to US Citizens, but we will accept a limited number of International students for a few of these companies. No background is required.

How to apply: Complete the survey questions (click here)

(students upload a CV or resume at the end of the survey)

We are open to questions about this new experience. This experience is coordinated by the Integrative Data Science Initiative.


Can this be done virtually, or will I have to be physically present somewhere? You must be located on campus for fall 2021 and spring 2022. There will be in-person activities each week.

Am I committing for a semester or a year? This a 9-month commitment, from August 2021 to April 2022.

Will this interfere with my own research? If you are pursuing research with a Ph.D. advisor, we recommend that you discuss with your Ph.D. advisor about whether you have time to do this 3 credit experience.

Do I need to have data science skills ahead of time? If so, what skills? The desired skills are listed in the attachment that was sent by email to all graduate students. It is OK for graduate students to be learning some of the skills at the same time as the undergraduate students.

What are the deliverables? Are there exams or papers? This is a student experience, so there are not exams at all. Some projects will lead to various types of deliverables, analysis, applications, etc., and some of the projects may lead to publishable results... but the common theme is experience working in industry.

How many hours per week do you expect them to spend on this work? We estimate that this will take 8-10 hours per week, just like a typical 3 credit graduate course.

Deadline for applications? The priority deadline is Sunday, July 18, but we will accept students on a rolling basis, until the start of the fall semester.

Questions? Please write to: datamine@purdue.edu