Welcome Messages from The Data Mine Team


Kevin Amstutz

Senior Data Scientist (kamstut@purdue.edu)

In today's data-driven workforce, everyone can benefit from a practical data science skill set. I'm excited to make interesting projects that push students to think critically, come up with creative solutions, and learn. I have varied interests including additive manufacturing, higher education, software engineering, and statistics.

Donald Barnes

Guest Relations Administrator (barnes96@purdue.edu)

I am excited to be back at my Alma Mater. Look forward to making long lasting relationships with the Data Mine Team.

Maggie Betz

Managing Director of The Data Mine at Indianapolis (betz@purdue.edu)

I am a Purdue alum who lived in Hillenbrand Hall and participated in the Statistics Living Learning Community (STAT LLC), which was a precursor to The Data Mine. The STAT LLC was the most influential experience during my time at Purdue. I'm excited to be back at Purdue working on The Data Mine staff as the Managing Director of Corporate Partners. It is so important to give students the opportunity to apply their knowledge to real-life problems and experience corporate culture and practice professional skills.

Cai Chen

Corporate Partners Technical Specialist (chen3431@purdue.edu)

I am a former Data Mine student, Data Mine TA, and residential assistant in The Data Mine learning community. The Data Mine was the most impactful experience during my undergraduate career at Purdue. It taught me valuable lessons regarding data science, collaboration and professionalism in a real world setting through corporate partnerships projects. I am excited to help improve and bring this impactful experience to other students.

Doug Crabill

Senior Data Scientist (dgc@purdue.edu)

I am a Purdue alumnus bringing my 26 years of research computing support from the Purdue University Department of Statistics to the Data Mine. I’ve found it deeply rewarding to work with undergraduate and graduate students on their research. I look forward to reaching an even more academically diverse group of students in The Data Mine! Skills in data science are highly coveted by future employers and should be hugely beneficial to our graduates as they launch their careers in industry or continue their careers in academia!

Lauren Dalder

Corporate Partners Advisor (ltdalder@purdue.edu)

I come to the Data Mine with a mix of higher ed and private industry experience. Data was a part of my life before I knew it was called data. I have worked as an analyst for more than eight years. I enjoy working with young individuals and fostering a growth environment! There is no better place to land than in The Data Mine, working with students and my passion for data. I am excited to work with corporations to build real-world experiences for students here at Purdue University.

Stacey Dunderman

Lead Program Administration Specialist (sdunderm@purdue.edu)

Coming from a background in academic advising, I enjoy connecting students with experiential opportunities in The Data Mine that engage curiosity, learning and growth. I am fortunate to support The Data Mine team in our shared goal to open opportunities in data science to all.

Jessica Gerlach

Corporate Partners Technical Specialist (jegerlac@purdue.edu)

I am thrilled to be a part of The Data Mine here at Purdue University to dive deep into the vast world of data, bringing real-world experience and spreading awareness about its importance. I cannot wait to contribute to impactful projects and explore the endless possibilities The Data Mine has to offer.

Dan Hirleman

Regional Director of The Data Mine of the Front Range (dhirleman@purdue.edu)

My passion is to help create programs that provide Purdue students (and those from partner universities) amazing opportunities to reach their full potential. The Corporate Partners program is one of the unique and unrivaled ones, up there with Engineering’s GEARE program. After spending a sabbatical in the space ecosystem in Colorado, I’m convinced that the potential upsides of a Data Mine hub for Purdue and for the region are huge. It will be fun making it happen.

Jessica Jud

Senior Manager of Expansion Operations (jljud@purdue.edu)

Joining The Data Mine team to drive statewide and nationwide expansion of the program is an incredibly exciting opportunity. I am honored to leverage 16 years of national program management at T-Mobile Corporate to expand The Data Mine to other schools and continue our mission in providing data science for all.

Kali Lacy

Associate Research Engineer (kqlacy@purdue.edu)

Data is either your friend or foe. Everyone has some form of data, but only few persons know how to deal with it, hence their foe. If that sounds familiar, don’t worry. It’s not the end of the world; in fact, you’re in the right place! The Data Mine is a perfect resource to learn how to handle data and hopefully, by the end of your journey here at The Data Mine, data will be the best friend you have ever had.

Gloria Lenfestey

Senior Financial Analyst (glenfes@purdue.edu)

From my experience in agriculture and at Purdue University, I believe success is the result of hard work and a passion to help others. I am grateful to support the Data Mine by ensuring adequate sponsored research and grants in order to continue and expand our belief that data science should be accessible to everyone.

Nicholas Lenfestey

Corporate Partners Technical Specialist (nlenfest@purdue.edu)

As a Purdue alumnus, I am excited to be a part of The Data Mine as a Corporate Partners Technical Specialist. I am delighted to work with our amazing students, corporate partners, and staff as we strive to make a positive impact on others through data science. Boiler Up!

Naomi Mersinger

ASL Interpreter / Strategic Initiatives Coordinator (nrm@purdue.edu)

I am new to Data Sciences but I am delighted to be joining The Data Mine. My hope as I grow and learn Data Sciences that the diversity within the field grows as well. Fostering a sense of community to ensure that The Data Mine is not only accessible but inclusive to everyone.

Kim Rechkemmer

Senior Program Administration Specialist (kimr@purdue.edu)

I am excited to join The Data Mine as a Senior Program Administration Specialist. I received both my BS and MS degrees from Purdue and have worked at the University for the past 24 years. My favorite part of my job is helping students discover all the amazing resources and opportunities Purdue has to offer, and The Data Mine is certainly one of those. I look forward to helping students pursue their potential, expand their skill set, and experience the many benefits of being a part of The Data Mine Learning Community.

Katie Sanders

Chief Operating Officer (kmpechin@purdue.edu)

I am excited to join The Data Mine team! I look forward to being a part of the formation and integration of future leaders locally, nationally, and around the world. My interests are being a part of a vibrant community, helping others, and being of service.

Betsy Satchell

Senior Administrative Assistant (esatchel@purdue.edu)

I feel so fortunate to be a part of The Data Mine team. It is so exciting to be involved with such a dynamic group of students and staff. I am eager to learn more and provide support to this great team. After always living near Purdue, I'm very happy to be a Boilermaker!

Mark Daniel Ward

Executive Director (mdw@purdue.edu)

We are very excited to have hundreds of students living and learning together. Our goal is to foster a welcoming and useful environment, in which students can learn how to use data science tools in their own disciplines. I am especially committed to empowering students from backgrounds that are traditionally underrepresented in the data sciences.

Contact the Staff anytime: datamine@purdue.edu